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Investing in a select number of individual companies with long track records, dividends and consistent, reasonable growth.

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I Eat My Own Cooking

The companies I recommend to you, I also hold. And the philosophy I teach, is also the one I follow. I share my own portfolio with you and if I move from a position, you move with me.

I hold a broad mix of individual equities, individual bonds, preferred stocks, and specialized mutual funds whose analysts share a similar view of investing in (and holding) companies rather than routinely and daily trading.


Chris.pngAbout Me

My formal training includes: Accounting, Economics, and Business Management at California State University and Whitworth University, Aeronautics at Northrop University, and Computer Programming at College of the Canyons.

I began investing while in college in the '80s after studying the Buffett/ Graham/ Burkett approach to company ownership. My investment philosophy is based in, and has not wavered from this model. 

Simply put, I love this field: the one-on-one interaction with you as clients, and the fascinating world of researching companies and how they pertain to our daily lives.

Investment Philosophy

While some subscribe to the ‘beat the market’ philosophy by attempting to trade daily for maximum gain, I spend the vast majority of my time researching companies which meet certain criteria. If met, I then buy and hold these companies (or buy more if there are dips in the market) provided they maintain their original strategic plan and their products continue to meet the demands of the world market. 



I focus on understanding the long-term vision of corporate CEOs and avoid the short-term concerns of corporations occasionally missing a quarterly earnings report. Understanding the businesses I choose to invest in requires experience in industry, tax law, business law, and all around feet-on-the-ground hammer-swinging exposure. Beginning with post-college jobs in factory assembly and technical writing, then working in industry as a tax accountant, and later as a CFO and Vice President of my own start-up business, I have first-hand knowledge of how things actually work. Through these experiences, I have developed a more comprehensive feel for what’s really happening in the companies I am reviewing now.


wisdom_pic.jpgThe Future

My work is thoroughly enjoyable because I can see where companies are headed. Speaking to companies, holding seminars where I share with others about the businesses we invest in, and learning how companies are growing, expanding and improving, keeps me excited to return to ‘work’ each day. Perhaps because I’ve been there too, in industry, as a CFO, as an accountant and as someone who shot rivets watching the plane take shape. It was exciting then; it still is.


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